Practical Advice

Not many of us know what to do when someone dies, leaving us unprepared when it happens. With all the arrangements required, it only adds extra stress whilst you are going through a difficult time. Therefore, we have compiled some practical advice to point you in the right direction. It is vital that you seek help from a professional who can assist you throughout the process. We guarantee full compliance, a kind ear to talk to and detailed information on everything you need with regard to registering a death, informing others and making all the necessary arrangements. Moreover, we offer a bespoke funeral planning service. Please contact us for further information.

What to do When a Death Occurs

When someone passes away, there is a lot to arrange which can be a truly overwhelming experience. You must register the death within 5 days in England, which includes weekends and bank holidays. Upon registering, you must ensure you have the correct documentation at hand. This includes a medical certificate which states the cause of death. You can get this either from the hospital, coroner’s office or doctor’s practice. Other information required is the date of birth, address, location of birth, occupation and the name, birthday and occupation of the spouse. Once the death has been registered, you will receive a certificate for the burial or cremation which you will need to give to your funeral director.

Informing Others

It is important to ensure you inform the right people upon the death of a loved one. This includes government departments such as local services, the tax office, DVLA, the UK passport agency and HMRC. In addition to this, you may need to contact other organisations such as the pension scheme provider, insurance company, bank and building society, employer, utility companies, GP, dentist and other medical care providers. Moreover, you will need to contact the mortgage provider/housing association/council housing office, social services and any charities or organisations your loved one may have made regular payments to.

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